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#HDK Invites – Parallel Worlds

HDK (Kristinelundsgatan 6-8) invites you to a weekend of workshops, lectures, food & conversations. Program will be released soon. Start next Friday (November 28).

Read more about the weekend here. Free entry but you have to RSVP on their Facebook.

Seminar: Nelly Ben Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun has been called the Willy Wonka of design and science and she is on a mission to bring chaos into the design and the scientific world. As award-winning director, she works with leading scientists, to devise subversive events and experiences.

Now she comes here to give a lecture at Handelshögskolan (Malmstensalen). This Monday, November 17 at 17:00.

There is no charge but you must register at

More infomaation about Nelly... >>>

The Journey of STEiNUNN

Steinunn Sigurdardóttir, fashion designer from Reykjavik, comes to the School of Textiles (Textilhögskolan, Borås) for a lunch lecture Tuesday, November 25 at 12-14.

She's going to share her experiences and talk about her journey as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. What drives her and what she is inspired by? And what does it takes to build its own brand in... >>>

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The Scene

Inspirational places for creative minds

Röhsska Museet

The national design museum, but... >>>

Gothenburg Film Studios

For filmmakers by filmmakers. This... >>>


Gothenburg is surrounded by forest.... >>>

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Meeting creative fellows at home in Gothenburg

Cooper and Gorfer

Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer are two artists from USA and Austria respectively, who met at Gothenburg’s Art & Design school in 2006. They have since embarked on a successful collaboration, receiving acclaim from critics and public alike.

Cooper & Gorfer... >>>

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Made in GBG

Presenting unique creations from Gothenburg

Sound of Depeche

Photo: Ferg Peterkin

Depeche Mode is comming out with a new album these days. Big parts of the sound were set... >>>

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Good Living

Get up and running in Gothenburg

A key source of information and an excellent place to get tips on getting started in Gothenburg is the ... >>>

Fly to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is directly accessible from many European and other worldwide destinations. The city has two main airports, the larger Landvetter... >>>

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Our sound

Plug in to the sounds of the city

Of course there are many sounds of Gothenburg! You can check out what the music and independent culture blog ... >>>

Göteborg Art Sound (GAS)

Göteborg Art Sound (GAS) is Sweden’s largest festival for sound art, modern composition, improvisation and electronica. In addition to... >>>

West Coast Independent

The contemporary indie music scene in Gothenburg comes in various shapes and colours. Too many artists to mention are doing... >>>

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Visual guide

A viewpoint over Gothenburg

Rooftops in Majorna, 1382140800
Forest, sun n’ mud, Photo: ADA
Dramatic by the canal, Photo: ADA
Heavy skies, Photo: ADA
From Monki, 1382400000
Lights on the road, Photo: ADA
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A tale of creative co-operation

Gothenburg – over 350 years of co-operation


Gothenburg’s story began when King Gustav Adolf got things up and running in 1621. A culture of co-operation was prevalent even then. The Dutch came here with the skills to build and left their legacy on the city’s architecture.... >>>

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