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Kulturnatta – culture all night long

This Friday (October 10th) the hole city will be buzzing culture around the yearly event - Kulturnatta. Most events have free admission – but some of them use the Kulturnatta Card (150 SEK) as an entrance ticket.

Here is the full program (in Swedish) and here you can find the English version of the program and it contains a selection of events that will be better suited if you do not speak Swedish.

“How Goteborg are you?”

"Göteborg is known as the most loveable city in Sweden, but are you as funny and shrimp loving as the town's natural inhabitants? Test yourself on some essential Göteborg facts and find out how Göteborg you are..."

Do the test here!

Göteborg Art Sound 2014

Göteborg Art Sound (GAS) is Sweden’s largest festival for sound art, modern composition, improvisation and electronica. In addition to the musical elements, public talks, workshops and seminars have always been an integral part of the festival.

GAS takes place in Gothenburg, October 15-19 2014. More info about tickets, program etc here.

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The Scene

Inspirational places for creative minds

Röhsska Museet

The national design museum, but... >>>

Gothenburg Film Studios

For filmmakers by filmmakers. This... >>>


Gothenburg is surrounded by forest.... >>>

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Meeting creative fellows at home in Gothenburg

Cooper and Gorfer

Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer are two artists from USA and Austria respectively, who met at Gothenburg’s Art & Design school in 2006. They have since embarked on a successful collaboration, receiving acclaim from critics and public alike.

Cooper & Gorfer... >>>

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Made in GBG

Presenting unique creations from Gothenburg

Sound of Depeche

Photo: Ferg Peterkin

Depeche Mode is comming out with a new album these days. Big parts of the sound were set... >>>

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Good Living

Get up and running in Gothenburg

A key source of information and an excellent place to get tips on getting started in Gothenburg is the ... >>>

Fly to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is directly accessible from many European and other worldwide destinations. The city has two main airports, the larger Landvetter... >>>

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Our sound

Plug in to the sounds of the city

Of course there are many sounds of Gothenburg! You can check out what the music and independent culture blog ... >>>

Göteborg Art Sound (GAS)

Göteborg Art Sound (GAS) is Sweden’s largest festival for sound art, modern composition, improvisation and electronica. In addition to... >>>

West Coast Independent

The contemporary indie music scene in Gothenburg comes in various shapes and colours. Too many artists to mention are doing... >>>

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Visual guide

A viewpoint over Gothenburg

Rooftops in Majorna, 1382140800
Forest, sun n’ mud, Photo: ADA
Dramatic by the canal, Photo: ADA
Heavy skies, Photo: ADA
From Monki, 1382400000
Lights on the road, Photo: ADA
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A tale of creative co-operation

Gothenburg – over 350 years of co-operation


Gothenburg’s story began when King Gustav Adolf got things up and running in 1621. A culture of co-operation was prevalent even then. The Dutch came here with the skills to build and left their legacy on the city’s architecture.... >>>

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