Creative Expat Meet Up // Breaking the Ice

Bild: Nic McPhee via Flickr/Creative Commons

This time we’ll do more than sipping drinks and listen to music. We’ll be very concrete and explore the possibilities in the network. And afterwards, we just might go for some good music over a few drinks.

We like to do business with people we know, like and trust. A large network creates many business opportunities. However it can be a challenge to grow a network, after all it takes courage to open up to new people and it takes time to build genuine relationships, this is especially relevant when living in a foreign country.

This workshop will help you “break the ice” and get to know the other participants. You will learn about each other’s businesses and uncover possibilities for collaboration. You may be surprised to find what the network contains. And hopefully it leads to new projects.

It will be a relaxed, fun workshop in English by empathy- & creativity-consultant Nina Aksell, see more at The workshop will not only grow your network but will also help you discover collaborative business opportunities.

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We’ll meet the 2:nd of June, 17:30-20:30 at Business Region Göteborg, Norra Hamngatan 14. It doesn’t cost anything, but mail to participate.


Thats nice!

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When listed the Worlds most impressive second cities, the put Gothenburg as nr Three. Fills us with great pride! They especially pointed at second cities when it comes to an “authentic and perhaps even more culturally meaningful experience.” Thats nice!

Check out the list your self:

Christmas special

We‘ve gathered a bunch of Christmas markets for you, both in Gothenburg and around the region. If you have any tips, please email us at Hope you find something you like!

(click on the links for more info)

Akademin Valand 5-6/12

Röda Sten Christmas market 5-7/12

HDKs annual Christmas Fair 5-7/12

Frilagret 6/12

Christmas in Kvarnbyn 6-7/12

Rörstrand center 6-7/12

Not Quite christmas market 7-8/12

Collaboratory X-mas party, market and open design meeting 16/12

Midwinter partyt, Bohusläns museum t.o.m den 6/1

(Photo: Karin/ADA)

#HDK Invites – Parallel Worlds

HDK (Kristinelundsgatan 6-8) invites you to a weekend of workshops, lectures, food & conversations. Program will be released soon. Start next Friday (November 28).

Read more about the weekend here. Free entry but you have to RSVP on their Facebook.