Kulturnatta – culture all night long

This Friday (October 10th) the hole city will be buzzing culture around the yearly event – Kulturnatta. Most events have free admission – but some of them use the Kulturnatta Card (150 SEK) as an entrance ticket.

Here is the full program (in Swedish) and here you can find the English version of the program and it contains a selection of events that will be better suited if you do not speak Swedish.

“How Goteborg are you?”

“Göteborg is known as the most loveable city in Sweden, but are you as funny and shrimp loving as the town’s natural inhabitants? Test yourself on some essential Göteborg facts and find out how Göteborg you are…”

Do the test here!

Göteborg Art Sound 2014

Göteborg Art Sound (GAS) is Sweden’s largest festival for sound art, modern composition, improvisation and electronica. In addition to the musical elements, public talks, workshops and seminars have always been an integral part of the festival.

GAS takes place in Gothenburg, October 15-19 2014. More info about tickets, program etc here.

Cinema ADA: Sign Painters

Sign Painters celebrates the hand-painted sign industry, an American tradition. This documentary explores a fascinating insight into a a highly specialized underground trade, emphasizing an appreciation for a balance between art and commerce.

We show the film Sign Painters by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon, 18:00, September 24 at Bio Capitol (Skanstorget 1, Gothenburg)

There is no charge but you must register at info@adasweden.se.

Official trailer here.