A key source of information and an excellent place to get tips on getting started in Gothenburg is the Business Region Gothenburg website. They also have a business establishment site.

For general tourist information and a guide to larger events head to the Gothenburg & Co site.


Fly to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is directly accessible from many European and other worldwide destinations. The city has two main airports, the larger Landvetter to the south east and Gothenburg City Airport (also known as Säve) to the north. Landvetter is the main airport for international connections while Gothenburg City hosts several budget airlines including Ryanair.

Getting around the city

So your’e here. Getting from A to B in Gothenburg is easy. Public transport in the Gothenburg Region is provided by Västtrafik who operate an extensive tram and bus network serving the city and its environs. For more info on journey planning etc. click here.


Bringing your children into a new education system can be a scary prospect. However it won’t come as a surprise to learn that Gothenburg – and Sweden as a whole – has a first class reputation when it comes to nursery, school and university/college education. There are several popular, well-respected international schools in the Gothenburg area. Here are some links that should help:

General info about pre-schools and schools in the city can be found at the Gothenburg City Council website.

Some international nurseries/schools:

ABC All About Children (Pre-school)

The English School Gothenburg

The German School/Deutsche Schule

The French School of Gothenburg

The Russian School Gothenburg

Gothenburg school with an accent on Islamic learning

Gothenburg school with a Jewish profile within the community

Internationella Engelska Skolan, IES


Gothenburg has a large student population and the city is home to several universities and colleges specialising in different fields. See here for courses and other info.

Chalmers University of Technology

Gothenburg IT University

School of Economics and Commercial Law

University of Gothenburg

University of Gothenburg – School of Design and Crafts