Looking for accommodation

Finding a place to live in Gothenburg can be tricky, but help is at hand. Contacts are always a good place to start. Use our forums to let your fellow creators know that you are interested in finding accommodation in the city. Click on the Post It tab above to put the wheels in motion.

Couchsurfing is of course an excellent way to fix a short-term roof over your head.

Alternatively you can put the feelers out on our ADA site here.

Boplats advertises rented accommodation in the city and beyond.

If you are interested in going the whole way and buying a property in Gothenburg then Hemnet will be of interest.

Permits and personal numbers

Bureaucracy can be a headache when moving to a new country. There are various hoops to jump through depending on where you are from. For example, EU citizens and their families must register their right of residence within 3 months of entering the country. This doesn’t apply to citizens of other Nordic countries.

Your nearest immigration office (Migrationsverket) should be one of your first ports of call. They’ll tell you what you need to know – you can check their website for information.

Everyone intending to work in Sweden should have a personal number (personnummer). This is your universal number of identification and you will use it in all kinds of interesting and not so interesting ways. Your local tax office (Skatteverket) is the place to go.


Learning the language

You probably know that Swedes have an international reputation for speaking great English. This is very true. Many people here love the opportunity to test their skills and there are plenty of long-stay ex-pats who live happily here without speaking Swedish. However, to get yourself into the lifestyle and ‘psyche’ of the place, we recommend learning at least some of the lingo. Swedish might sound difficult to the uninitiated, but it’s actually very straightforward and not so very far from English. We guarantee you that learning it will make a difference to your quality of life here.

Free Swedish lessons are available, called Svenska för invandare (Swedish for immigrants) – for info with other language options click here.

Other courses are available including at Folkuniversitet and at Berlitz languages.

Start your own business in Gothenburg!

If you are curious about testing a new venture in a new location or even moving your current business to Gothenburg, there are plenty of ways to help get things off the ground…

Business start-up guides

Business Region Gothenburg

Business Region Gothenburg supports businesses of all sizes and in all kinds of branches. Their website contains loads of vital info in English about getting started on realising that creative dream of yours.


Mind your own business

Present an idea, brainstorm with like minds, get advice on business start-up – all for free! This initiative is driven by Business Region Göteborg.


A worthwhile destination for those thinking about launching a co-operative enterprise in Gothenburg is Coompanion.


Tillväxtverket – Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth:

Encouraging business growth in the region. Have a look at their English pages here.