Relocate your business to Gothenburg!

If you already have an established business up and running in your current location and would like to relocate to Gothenburg, then take a look at the Business Region Gothenburg website. There are also several companies that can help you with the complete process. Here are links to a few of them.

Key Relocation Center AB

Nordic Relocation Group

Human Entrance AB

West Sweden Chamber of Commerce

Cito Moveo AB

Probis AB


A complete list of relocation companies can be found here:

Flexdesks / Co-Working

There are several options available if you wish to hire a short-term work space in the city. Here are some creative locations that welcome like-minds with open arms…

House of Win Win

Clarion Post Hotel

Hey It’s Enrico Pallazzo

Entrepreneurial Hive




City Parks

Gothenburg has greenspace in abundance and you don’t have to go far to find a leafy oasis, even near the city centre. Slottsskogen is the largest park and it is easy to get lost in its myriad of mazy paths and shady glades. Botaniska Trädgården and Trädgårdsföreningen both offer a floral paradise with tons of space to wander and enjoy the city’s clean air.

Right of public access

‘Everyone shall have access to nature’. So says the Swedish Constitution, which is good news for all us outdoor types. ‘Allemansrätten’ gives us the right to access, walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp on any land (with few exceptions). Hunting and fishing are understandably restricted and this freedom to roam places the responsibility on us to look after the countryside. We guarantee you’ll need those stout walking boots.