Katarina Karlsson is a project booster in craft and design at the Swedish Crafts Center/Konsthantverkscentrum.  She works with development and collaborations.
“I am a trained furniture-maker and I´ve also worked with leather and textiles where the design always has been in focus. Self-employed in my own company for 15 years, I mainly work with arranging craft fairs, seminars, coaching, collaborations and courses. There is nothing I enjoy more that taking a ride on my new scooter, a Lambretta from 1964. This is my fifth one. Yes I know I´m a bit nerdish when it comes to style and good design but hey It´s ok.”
“Western Sweden with Gothenburg as the centrepoint is a nice and relaxed place where a hello and a good idea can get you far.”
Get in touch with Katarina at: kat.karlsson@gmail.com

Frida Nelhans has her own consultancy company where she works with interactive design as well as social media.

“It is common that my clients find a need to deepen their knowledge regarding the project we’re working on,  or to prepare and build a knowledge base for future projects. in situations like these I often organize workshops or intense courses. I also give courses and workshops on specific matters for organizations, companies and schools”.

Have a look at Frida’s website here.

She is also on Twitter www.twitter.com/fridanelhans

Feel free to contact Frida directly at info@fridanelhans.com

John Areblad is a film producer and director at Amvision.

“I make mostly commercials.  My passion in film is within the interface of ‘Fashion and Art’ which i find hold a great potency in the mix of the two languages. I came to Gothenburg in the eighties to study. I stayed because of the city’s warmth and its creative dynamics. It’s easy to connect with people and the creative scene is oriented towards problem solving which makes it easy to work here.”


Here is a recent example of John’s work:

Email: john@amvision.se



Hey It’s Enrico Pallazzo!
Hey It’s Enrico Pallazzo!


At Enrico Pallazzo the commercial rubs shoulders with the uncommercial. Art, advertising and all that lies inbetween is created in this collision. We are 30 dedicated people that believe in taking another route, to see things with new eyes and to listen to what is not said…

Email us at: big.kahuna@heyitsenricopallazzo.com

Take a look at our website here