Of course there are many sounds of Gothenburg! You can check out what the music and independent culture blog Incubate have to say about the current music scene here. We also give you a brief introduction here. Remember that we’ve probably missed more than we’ve featured, but hey, its a start.

Göteborg Art Sound (GAS)

Göteborg Art Sound (GAS) is Sweden’s largest festival for sound art, modern composition, improvisation and electronica. In addition to the musical elements, public talks, workshops and seminars have always been an integral part of the festival.


West Coast Independent

The contemporary indie music scene in Gothenburg comes in various shapes and colours. Too many artists to mention are doing interesting things in ways which make them difficult to gather under one flag. Little Dragon have gained recent acclaim in the UK for their haunting sound, while Jens Lekman has been releasing one-man symphonies with classic pop influences for over ten years. Midaircondo‘s airy atmospherics conjure images of icy Nordic landscapes. One of Gothenburg’s major exports in the late 1990′s were The Soundtrack of Our Lives (singer Ebbot Lundberg, pictured), a band who’s sound draws on classic rock and psychedelia. Joel Alme crafts indie pop shot through with influences from vintage soul. The city constantly turns up emerging talent, one recent example being Bye Bye Bicycle, who take elements of UK indie pop from the last 30 years and do something fresh with it. As we said, too many to mention…


Two artists with really strong Gothenburg identities are Håkan Hellström and Freddie Wadling. Both solo artists who have little in common musically, yet whose music crosses both generational and genre boundaries. Hellström (pictured) graduated as an indie kid and has gone on to become ‘the pop face of Gothenburg’, with legions of admirers and an instantly recognisable sound. That he sings only in Swedish will be the reason you’ve probably never heard of him. A much respected cult figure, Wadling had been in various bands before embarking on a successful solo career spanning a wide variety of styles from punk to classical ballads.